One of the trade marks of the A. Jensen rods is the time we spend on each model, before it enters the market. We will rather take one year extra with the test team and designers, than force products into the market, that we don’t have full confidense in. 

We design our rods, based on a practical angle to flyfishing. First of all we are flyfishers ourself, and we work with the aim to make great equipment, in order for you to experience more effective fishing, and most important more joy in flyfishing.

By our terms a fly rod is not just a casting tool, but a tool for fishing.

By that we mean that it should handle both the casting and the joy of fishing and playing a fish at the same time.
Beside that we wanted to create rods, that are able to cast both long lines and shorter lines with full control, as this is one of the crusial aspects of flyfishing. With many modern flyrods you only get the rod properly loaded, with a lot of line outside the top, and only from that point on will you cast with full control. We want our rods to load with short lines, but still be able to cast long lines.

In order to achive what we want we make a so called “compensated tip”, meaning a tip that loads quickly. One could make the top of softer material, but then you get a rod action, that feels strange when casting. 
Instead we use “Advanced Helical Taper” technology and thereby creating a rod, where the top of the rod loads quickly, without beeing soft. The “Advanced Helical Taper”  technology means changing and opening the angle of the helical wound graphite towards the top. By using the same material, and still under the same amount of tons of pressure as the rest of the blank, we get a rod, that performs with a unique balance.

The quick loading top has many benefits. When fishing shorter lines, such as when fishing dries and nymphs, you will have more accuracy and control.

When fishing stillwaters, both lakes and salts, you will with much ease be able to shoot the first meters of line, as the rod actually cast the line right from the first false cast. There is no “waving” the rod, to get so much line out, that the rod actually loads and casts. Your casting strokes will be more balanced, as you get a rytm right from the start of the cast. It will simply put feel more easy. On top of that the rod is a light and sensitive instrument, and an absolutely joy to play a fish on. This brings us back to the where we started – We want to make a fishing rod, not just a casting rod.


All A.Jensen fly rods are covered by a 2 year warranty.

This covers defects due to craftmanship or materials.

If the rod is damaged, please send the rod and the original receipt (received when you buy the rod) to your dealer.

If the damage is covered by the warranty, the rod will be repaired or replaced.

After 2 years, or in case of the damage is not caused by defect due to craftmanship or materials, each part will be charged at a price equal to the recommended retail price divided by the amount of part. Meaning a part from a 4 piece rod cost ¼ of the recommended retail price of that rod.

Impotant: The warranty only applies to the original owner and the owner must be able to present the original receipt of the purchase. Resold rods are not covered by this warranty.