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NEWTON # 6/8 - All Black
DKK 3,500.00 DKK 2,800.00
NEWTON # 6/8 - Black/Ice Blue
DKK 3,500.00 DKK 2,800.00
NEWTON # 8/10 - All Black
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DKK 3,600.00 DKK 2,880.00
NEWTON # 8/10 - Black/Ice Blue
Out of stock
DKK 3,600.00 DKK 2,880.00


The brake is a fully closed self-lubricant multi carbon disc system. This is a very reliant system that ensures superb and smooth braking power. Once you have set the reel to the retrieving direction you use, you never have to open for the brake again.

The surface of the all parts of this reel is made so that it is maximum saltwater resistant, which is why we use stainless steel parts and screws, and the coloring of the reel is of highest saltwater resistance.

The reel has a “step angle” handle, that makes it much easier to grip in cold weather, but is still perfect in warmer weather conditions.

The reel foot is shaped so it doesn’t harm the leader if you pull it around the reel foot while changing places. A normal reel foot will give the leader a kink in the line – with the Newton reel foot this has been eliminated.

The Newton reel is for the dedicated fly fisherman who wants a reliable and beautiful piece of machinery, and as it comes in several color variation, you will be able to choose one that suit your preferences and maybe even match the colors of your rod.



  • Precision CNC cut from High Grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • large arbor
  • Fully closed and sealed multi carbon disc brake
  • Possible to change from right hand to left hand retrieve
  • Closed house design for extra strength and stability
  • Special Carbon design for strength and low weight
  • “V” cut spool
  • “Steep Angle” handle
  • Saltwater resistant
  • ”Leader friendly” reel foot
  • 4 Color variation
# 6/8 168 g. 100 / 25 / 20 mm
# 8/10  198 g. 110 / 28 / 25 mm