Harald Larsen - Norway

Harald Larsen - Norway

Harald Larsen - Norway

HaraId has been flyfishing for more than 40 years. Today he is working as a professional flytier and instructor. Harald is very active and held a lot of tying classes and casting instructions, in between his many days at the water or by his tying vise developing new patterns.

Harald is fishing for everything with fins, but is especially fond of trout and salmon fishing and saltwater fishing after seatrout and other species that inhabit his home waters in south west of Norway.

Harald is also a writer, and has written a lot of articles, national and international, and he is a member of International Flyfishing Association.

Harald Larsen - Norway

Haralds favorite gear and his comments


Rod: Spook Seatrout 8” # 7

Reel: Target Seatrout

Line: Vector Float # 7. Vector Full Intermediate # 7

Fly: Little Chenille - Marabou Herring - Larsen Tobis - Larsen Sand Shrimp - Larsen Brown Shrimp



Rod: Mykiss 9.6” # 6

Reel: Target Trout

Line: Vector Float # 6




Seatrout, 3.6 kg

Coalfish, 2.0 kg

Pollack, 2.3 kg

Grey Gurnard, 0.4 kg

Cod, 11.4 kg

Herring, 0.3 kg

Garfish, 90 cm long

Catfish, 1.0 kg

Seabass, 2.0 kg

Whiting, 0.9 kg

Mackerel, 0.7 kg



Salmon, 14.4 kg

Brown trout, 3.2 kg

Perch, 0.4 kg

Charr, 2.3 kg

Pike, 3.3 kg

Grayling, 1.2 kg

Rainbow Trout, 2.7 kg

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