A.Jensen Phantom

A.Jensen Phantom

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A. Jensen Phantom - 8'6" # 4
DKK 5,100.00 DKK 4,080.00
A.Jensen Phantom 8' # 5
DKK 5,100.00 DKK 4,080.00
A.Jensen Phantom 9' # 5
DKK 5,200.00 DKK 4,160.00
A.Jensen Phantom 8' # 6
DKK 5,100.00 DKK 4,080.00
A.Jensen Phantom 9' # 6
DKK 5,200.00 DKK 4,160.00
A.Jensen Phantom 8' # 7
DKK 5,100.00 DKK 4,080.00
A.Jensen Phantom 9' # 7
DKK 5,200.00 DKK 4,160.00
A.Jensen Phantom 8' # 8
DKK 5,100.00 DKK 4,080.00
A.Jensen Phantom 8' # 9
DKK 5,100.00 DKK 4,080.00
A.Jensen Phantom - 9' # 9
DKK 5,200.00 DKK 4,160.00


We have used AHT in the blank. By our terms a fly rod is not just a casting tool, it should also be a tool for fishing. By that we mean it should be a joy to fish and play fish on as well. Many modern fast action rods are really just casting tools, as they are no fun to play a fish on, due to a super stiff top action = minimum sensitivity. To avoid this, we use Advanced Helical Taper Technology (AHT). The “Advanced Helical Taper” technology means changing and opening the angle of the helical wound graphite towards the top. By using the same material, and still under the same number of tons of pressure as the rest of the blank, we get a rod, that performs with a unique balance.

The quick loading top has many benefits. When fishing shorter lines, such as when fishing dries and nymphs, you will have more accuracy and control.

When fishing Stillwater, both lakes and salts, you will with much ease, be able to shoot the first meters of line, as the rod actually cast the line right from the first false cast. There is no “waving” the rod, to get so much line out, that the rod actually loads and casts. Your casting strokes will be more balanced, as you get a rhythm right from the start of the cast. It will simply put feel easier. On top of that the rod is a light, correction… SUPER light and sensitive instrument, and an absolutely joy to play a fish on. This brings us back to the where we started – We make a fishing rods, not just casting rods.


Among the models you will find two 8’ models. We have been working and developing on these 8’ rods for decades, and it has become something of a trade mark of A.Jensen. These models we have designed especially with Saltwater and Predator fishing in mind. They are so light and yet so powerful, that it is hard to believe. We have landed anything from Tuna, Tarpon, Sailfish, Dorado, Seatrout, Striper and a long range of other saltwater species to freshwater species like Big Pike, Tigerfish, Peacock Bass, Catfish and even some hefty Carp on them, and they always come out on top!

If you have never tried one of these 8' rods before - well we can only urge you to try. Without saying too much, we dare to say that there is a good chance that they will change your opinion what the perfect length for a pike or saltwater rod is.........The 8' models are really powerful, and you get an incredible line speed with them - which will give you long casts, even with big wind resistant flies and high back casts that keeps clear of the back. When you lift them for the first time, you will probably think they feel almost too light, like several classes lighter, but that all changes when the line starts flying, and if a big fish takes your fly and brute power is needed, then it really demonstrates its "rhino" backbone. Said in a few words... - Go to one of our dealers and try it - let the rod "Speak" for itself!!!!



  • Mega High Density, Unidirectional 45+50 Tons Graphite + IM8 Nano Material
  • SBD (Slim Blank Design)
  • Advanced Helical Taper technology (AHT)
  • Extra woven carbon layer on bottom for extra butt power
  • Top quality Portuguese cork handles – Grade AAAA
  • American Tackles High Performance SIC Stripping guides
  • Beautiful reel seat in airspace graded aluminium and woven carbon
  • Uplocking Fighting butt
  • Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides in matt black color
  • Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
  • Supplied in Cordura rod tube
Length AFTM Rec. Shooting head weight Pcs. Weight Handle
8'6" 4   4   Half Wells
8' 5 12 g. 4   Half Wells + Fighting butt
9' 5 12 g. 4 98 g. Half Wells + fighting butt
8' 6 14 g. 4   Full Wells + Fightting butt
9' 6 14 g. 4 101 g. Full Wells + fighting butt
8' 7 16 g. 4   Full Wells + fighting butt
9' 7 16 g. 4 106 g. Full Wells + fighting butt
8' 8 18 g. 4 92 g. Full Wells + fighting butt
8' 9 20 g. 4 95 g. Full Wells + fighting butt
9' 9 20 g. 4   Full Wells + fighting butt